Ensuring you peace of Mind it is an Criminal Offence to Install Airconditioners or Work on Refrigeration without a Practitioner Card

Incidents resulting from poor installations can vary from property damage to loss of life

Liability for any harm or safety contravention would fall on the business owner, not the insurance company. Furthermore, company owners would not be able to apply for any compensation aid or benefit for employees who are hurt or for life loss

In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, the Pressure Equipment Regulations require anyone working with Airconditioning or Refrigeration Gas must undergo specific training and are registered with the South African Qualification and Certification Committee - Gas (SAQCC Gas) on behalf of the Department of Labour

Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993 in respect of the 'Pressure Equipment Regulations' No. 734.

OUR AUTHORISED PRACTITIONER CARD ensuring you peace of mind


All of our authorised practitioners will now be in possession of the new SAQCC Practitioners card. On the front of the card is the practitioners identity photograph. The reverse of the card includes a list of qualifications and the logo of the Department of labour

SANS 10147: 2009 'Refrigeration systems including plants associated with air conditioning systems'