Mission Statement


We shall promote loyalty, pride and fulfillment amongst our stakeholders as an acknowledged major supplier of total Air-conditioning/ Refrigeration related solutions, expanding our product range through continual development.


ATC will provide total Air- conditioning/Refrigeration related solutions to satisfy customer needs by training and developing its personnel, through the applications of innovations design through collaborations within the industry. ATC will ensure quality and reliability in its products and happiness in its stakeholders.


  • Ethical
  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Trust and Trustworthiness
  • Equitable
  • Respect
  • Customer focused

Value Statement

  • We will behave in a professional, respectful and ethical manner to our employees, clients and suppliers.
  • We will accept responsibility for the quality and reliability of the systems, and products and service supplied to our clients.
  • We will remain customer focused at all times in fulfilling real customer needs and requirements.
  • We will at all times treat our stakeholders equitably.
  • We will encourage an environment of trust and trust worthiness.