1. Terms of warranty

    The warranty is 12 month from date of invoice for parts replacement only. A labour and mileage allowance as per Defy’s warranty procedure can claimed for failures within the 12-month operation period.

    Items not covered by the warranty

    • Consumable items
    • Negligent or accidental damage to the unit.
    • Plastic covers or knobs
    • Filters
    • Parts missing
    • Any maintenance or customer education.
    • Installation faults

  2. Warranty Claim Procedure

    In the event of a failure, contact will be made with the Regional Service Manager.

    An Order number will be issued and the service order will be faxed to the Dealer. This copy and any relevant information, i.e. type of fault, spares used, etc. must be included and attached to your invoice for the repair.

    A copy of the original purchase invoice for the unit and invoices for spares that are being claimed for, must be included.

    Any claims submitted without the relevant documentation or information required will not be entertained and returned to the Agent/Dealer.

  3. Warranty Charges (Labour and Travelling allowances)
    Compressor Replacement 3 R330.00
    Pulling Vacuum 1 R110.00
    Gas per KG as per Manufacturers Specifications Per Kg R30.00
    Gas Leaks 1 R110.00
    Labour 1 R110.00
    Fan Motor Replacement 1 R110.00
    Electrical component e.g. thermostats, switches, capacitor, etc. 1 R110.00
    Transport allowance - max 50 Km radius Per Km R1.80

    Please note:

    No spares will be “exchanged” over the counter. All spares required for warranty repairs must be invoiced to the customer’s account. The cost charged on warranty will be our invoiced amount plus a 10% handling charge.

    Any claims where there are:

    • Compressors
    • Fan motors
    • Coils
    • Control modules
    • Capacitors

    The faulty parts must be returned to the nearest Regional Office. Claims submitted after 60 days will not be honoured.

  4. Exceptions

    In the instance where the Dealer/Agent has completed the warranty work due to unforeseen circumstances, contact is be made with the Regional Service Manager within 48 hours to obtain the necessary order number.

    Thereafter the warranty claim procedure as set out in item 2 above is to be followed.

    Should the above procedure not be followed, Defy Appliances Ltd reserve the right not to honour such claims.

  5. Payment

    Warranty claims will be paid by our services department by means of a cheque and should under no circumstances be deducted from your account with us.