Guarantee in respect of finished goods


  1. The Unionaire air conditioning unit shall be installed:
    • By competent air conditioning technicians
    • According to SABS code of practice
    • That meets all National and Local Building regulations and in particular the electrical by-laws.
  2. The guarantee is issued to the purchasing dealer and or client and is not transferable.
  3. The guarantee covers parts only.
  4. Units must be pre-treated when placed in a coorosive environment.
  5. Units that are at an elevation from sea level to 500 m above sea level, shall be serviced at least once per year.


  1. Should a part fail, the dealer shall be issued with a replacement only.
  2. Unionaire guarantee claim form to be completed for all required parts.
  3. Parts will only be issued on presentation of a fully completed warranty claim form and job card both signed by the clients authorized signatory.
  4. The faulty part to be returned to Unionaire within three months. If not received within three months, Unionaire will invoice replacement part.

Original October 1999
Revised 2001.02.27
Revised 2002.08.23
Revised 2006.03.23


Labour and material shall be paid by Unionaire South Africa (Pty) Ltd. on goods requiring attention within fourteen (14) days of date of Unionaire’s Invoice. The maximum labour and material reimbursement costs shall be per the schedule as listed below.

Other than the above, only parts are covered per Unionaire Standard Guarantee conditions issues together with this document.

The claim for reimbursement of costs is by tax invoice direct to Unionaire South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Only original tax invoices will be accepted and must be received by Unionaire head office within 60 days of date of warranty claim, We will not process a faxed invoice. The following documents and information is required with each claim.

  1. The Contractor’s Tax invoice to include the following to a maximum, where applicable, of that indicated in the table below.
    • Labour cost
    • Transport cost
    • Refrigerant cost
    • Consumables
  2. The following must be attached to the invoice:
    • Signed job card by the clients authorized signatory.
    • Fully completed Unionaire guarantee claim form.
  3. Maximum labour rates, which will be reimbursed, shall be as follows:
Compressor replacement up to 7kW R550.00
Compressor replacement from 7kW to 18kW R770.00
Compressor replacement 26kW R990.00
Reverse valve replacement complete with coil R550.00
Reverse valve coil only R175.00
PC Board or receiver replacement R175.00
Fan motor replacement R240.00
Fan impeller replacement R240.00
Expansion device replacement R320.00
Repair refrigerant leak R320.00
Refrigerant up to 3.5kW R85.00
Refrigerant from 5.27kW and 7.0kW R140.00
Refrigerant from 8.80kW and 10.55kW R210.00
Refrigerant from 14.06kW and 17.50kW R300.00
Refrigerant from 36kW R450.00
Transport within 75km radius of dealer office at R2.20/km to a maximum of 150km R330.00
Consumables (including welding, rags ex.) R60.00
Maximum of 2 hour travelling @ R 175.00/hr R350.00

Faulty parts to be returned to Unionaire within 3 months. Faulty spares not returned will be invoiced in full. Where approval has been given to a Dealer by Unionaire South Africa (Pty) Ltd. To buy out a compressor, the following must be included together with item 2 above, a copy of the supply’s invoice to the Dealer for the compressor. Failing to do so in the mentioned period the, guarantee will be void. All compressors must be marked with the dealers name, unit model and serial number to comply for testing.

Please ensure that all steps outlined above are adhered to, to avoic any delays in payment.

Original October 1999
Revised 2001.02.27
Revised 2002.08.23
Revised 2003.01.01
Revised 2004.01.08
Revised 2005.11.01
Revised 2006.03.23