Compressor warranty procedures and conditions

(NB — Although the word “compressor” is used, this document refers to all goods purchased from Carrier-SA).

Compressors installed by non-qualified personnel will carry no warranty.

Any goods purchased with the sole intent of resale into the industry will carry no warranty.

All compressors distributed by Carrier-SA are sold in accordance with a warranty as set out by the various manufacturers. In terms of this warranty, the compressor and ancillary equipment are guaranteed against factory defects in quality and workmanship for a period of one year from date of invoice to the purchaser. This warranty procedure is also only valid for exchange or replacement during the one-year period. Any subsequent claims for a second exchange or replacement will not be entertained.

Should a compressor be exchanged or replaced, the effective expiry date of the warranty remains that of the original invoice, and is not superseded by that of the replacement compressor.

The warranty shall exclude compressors which have been damaged or rendered defective through incorrect application or installation, nor shall it apply in instances where proper maintenance procedures have not been followed, or where there is a lack of appropriate mechanical or electrical protection. Carrier-SA shall reserve the right to inspect any installation during the warranty period to ensure that correct installation and maintenance procedures have been performed.

Stator and/or “burn-out”” is included in this warranty if it is a consequence of a factory production defect, but not if it is due to faulty wiring, incorrect voltage, or inadequate mechanical or electrical protection.

This warranty specifically excludes labour, additional material, refrigerants, lubricants, and any travelling expenses incurred in replacing defective compressors. The warranty is without liability or responsibility whatsoever on the part of Carrier-SA for consequential damages of any kind.

Compressors (complete with any auxiliary electrical equipment, as purchased) must be returned to Carrier-SA for inspection before any warranty claim will be authorised. An SRN (sales return note) must be requested when returning any goods for credited, and this document must be kept on file as proof that the goods were returned. Compressors under warranty must be returned to Carrier-SA carriage paid. Carrier-SA shall not be held responsible or liable for transport costs of any compressor returned to it in terms of this warranty.

In terms of this warranty, Carrier-SA shall, at its discretion, repair, replace or credit the compressor, if it is found to be defective in terms of the warranty.

This note serves merely as clarification of Carrier-SA’s warranty procedure, and must be read in conjunction with Carrier-SA’s General Conditions of Tender and Sale, as set out.

Carrier-SA reserves the right to change or waive any of these conditions at its discretion, without prior notice.

Carrier-SA employees or representatives have no authority to alter or amend this compressor warranty procedure in any way whatsoever.

Residential and light Commercial Product Warranty

Carrier South Africa (CSA) warranty policy for all Residential and Light Commercial (RLC) products is sold through CSA non Dealers.

  1. All products falling within the RLC product grouping are sold with a 12 month warranty period from the date of CSA’s invoice.
  2. This warranty covers all components failing due to a CSA manufacturing fault and is subject to inspection of the component to determine the cause of failure.
  3. This warranty does not cover any failure caused by conditions outside of CSA’s control, e.g. incorrect installation, parts not supplied by CSA, defective power supply, incorrect application, or acts of God.
  4. It is a condition of warranty that the installation was performed by a qualified Refrigeration or Air-Condition Technician. Proof of qualification may be required.
  5. Replacement components will be invoiced at full value, faulty components returned to CSA will be inspected and a credit note will be issued once the warranty claim has been approved.