Dahric will provide a Like Replacement Part free of charge for items filing within McQuay Limited Warranty Period.


Warranty Claims must be submitted within 30 days of part failure.


  • Dahric will supply a replacement part free of charge on valid Warranty Claims.
  • The only exceptions are on compressors and emergency replacement parts. On compressors and emergency replacement parts, a credit may be requested in lieu of a part. The credit amount will be the lesser of the price actually paid for the part or the price that Dahric sells the part for.
  • The supply of a replacement part under the terms of the McQuay Warranty will apply to the original warranty period only, and will not serve to extend the warranty period. For example: A fan motor replaced six (6) months within the twelve (12) month equipment warranty will have a six (6) month warranty on the new part.


Mcquay equipment and components are warranted against defective material or workmanship by Dahric, to the original purchaser only, for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the original installation, or fifteen (15) months from original invoice date, whichever is shorter. This is subject to the unit being installed, maintained and operated according to McQuay and industry standards.


Your new McQuay unit must be properly installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the instruction manual provided with each unit. Failure to provide maintenance records will void this warranty.


Sole remedy will be replacement of the defective part(s). The cost of transport / delivery/postage and all related expenses being borne by the purchaser. All labour charges resulting from the installation of the replacement part(s), diagnostic calls or any services are not covered by this warranty.

In the event of a McQuay unit being received “Dead On Arrival” or failing within 3 months as a result of faulty materials or components, labour rectification costs will be considered on the following allowances:


The following labour charges for “In Warranty — Dead on Arrival” repairs will be allowed, provided we are notified in writing of the pending claim, and all the warranty forms are correctly completed.

Compressor Replacement 3 R330.00
Pulling Vacuum 1 R110.00
Gas per KG as per Manufacturers Specifications Per Kg R30.00
Gas Leaks 1 R110.00
Labour 1 R110.00
Fan Motor Replacement 1 R110.00
Electrical component e.g. thermostats, switches, capacitor, etc. 1 R110.00
Transport allowance - max 50 Km radius Per Km R1.80


Equipment will only be accepted for replacement if cosmetic visible damage is noted on delivery.

Once equipment has been installed, normal warranty conditions will apply and no returns will be accepted.


This warranty will be void if the McQuay equipment is removed from the original installation site.

This warranty does not cover damage or defect resulting from:-

  • Components installed in or on equipment other than McQuay, i.e. miss-matched equipment.
  • Equipment installed and operated in a corrosive atmosphere. (Chlorine, fluorine, salt, or other aggressive chemicals).
  • Excessive voltage fluctuation or lack of phase protection in areas where supply voltage may not always be within the unit operation range as listed on the unit nameplate.
  • Accident, neglect or unreasonable use or operation of the equipment.
  • Modification, change or alteration of the equipment unless directed by Dahric.
  • Operation of equipment which do not match or meet McQuay recommended specifications.
  • Use of unauthorised or contaminated refrigerant.


Replacement parts are only supplied against a written order for which the dealer / distributor/ contractor will be invoiced.

On receipt of a completed "Warranty Request Form" and the faulty part within 30 days of failure, a credit will be passed against the respective invoice. See note pertaining to compressor returns.

No part will be dispatched without a faced copy of the warranty request form detailing original invoice number and unit serial numbers etc.


  1. All data requested on the Warranty Request Form must be accurately provided.
  2. The owner/manager of the distributor / dealership / contracting company must sign and date the Warranty Request Form in the space provided.
  3. Retain a copy for your files.
  4. Affix a copy of the Warranty Request Form to the failed part and return the part to Dahric.
    1. Failed compressors are sent away for independent evaluation, and credit will be passed pending the written report and reason for failure.
    2. Other components are evaluated in-house to help ascertain the cause of failure.
    3. All failed and non-returned Warranty Parts must be tagged with a copy of the “Warranty Request Form” and held in your inventory for 60 days following replacement.
    4. Parts claimed for as a warranty, which are returned unused, will be subject to a 15% handling fee.

Dahric makes no warranties other than the McQuay warranty specified above, and hereby disclaims all other warranties, express or implied.

In no event shall Dahric be liable under the terms of this warranty or otherwise for indirect or consequential damages.

Dahric shall not be liable for any default or delay in performance under this warranty caused by any contingency beyond its control.